Boot Armor

A Premium Contractor Grade Anti-Slip Waterproof Shoe Cover

About Us

Boot Armor was created from a need for a premium contractor grade waterproof anti-slip disposable shoe cover. We've all used waterproof shoe covers in a variety of settings, but the biggest complaint was always the lack of traction while wet. We wanted a product that would be durable enough for multiple uses, but yet affordable enough to dispose of when switching jobs.

Boot Armor Waterproof Shoe Covers

While this may be our first product, it wont be our last. Boot Armor Waterproof Shoe Covers come 80 (40 pair) to a box, conveniently packaged in a dispenser box designed to be easily stored and accessible for all types of work situations. Boot Armor Waterproof Shoe Covers were designed for Plumbers, Contractors, Medical Workers and the Weekend Warrior.